Sponsor Call for Proposals (CFP)

Readers of this book are likely interested in software careers and/or security products. This is a discovery problem with two stakeholders:

  1. Engineers looking for exciting teams to join.

  2. Companies looking to get quality tools in the hands of security-savvy engineers.

The primary goal of this book is free education. But we'd also love to connect those stakeholders - should both parties stand to benefit.

What we are asking

  • That your company meet two criteria:

    1. Employer with technical roles (software development, security engineering, technical writing, product management, etc)

    2. Offers a security-relevant product (SaaS, hardware, reports, etc) or professional service (consulting, training, R&D, etc)

  • A one-time donation to sponsor the development of this book.

    • Likely a tiny sum relative to your current marketing budget.

    • You'd be supporting a freely available resource for continuing education.

  • A brief proposal for a written section.

    • See below.

What we can offer

  • Your logo listed as a sponsor on the landing page of this book, with two links of your choosing (your careers page, your product page, etc).

    • Logos will appear in order of sponsorship start date (first to latest).

    • Logo placement for the lifetime of this domain (guaranteed 10+ years).

    • You can request removal of your logo/links at any time, for any reason (e.g. future chapter of the book doesn't meet your values or quality standards).

  • A written section in a dedicated sponsor chapter at the end of the book.

    • Tutorial of product use, article on team culture, etc.

    • Up to 3,500 words, written by you (the experts on the topic).

    • No tracking/analytics allowed (respect reader privacy, like an old-school magazine ad). No reader information can be collected or shared.

      • The star count on this book's repos already serves as a transparent and voluntary metric of visibility.

If you'd like to become a sponsor, please send your brief proposal (plaintext or PDF preferred) to:


We'd love to hear from you!

We reserve the right to politely decline sponsorship requests for any reason (e.g. brand reputation, proposal topic, etc). We must do right by our readers.